What to Consider When Buying a Socket Organizer

If you would like to receive your sockets satisfactorily organized, think about your requirements before making a buy. Ascertain how much storage capacity you require, wherever your socket organizer will reside in your area, what socket dimensions which you have, and just how portable you want your socket place to be.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is the most critical consideration. Total sets hold between 60 and 80 complete sockets–an organizer that does not allow you to store your whole socket collection will not be convenient.

Although clips on many rail socket organizers may match any socket with identical drive dimensions, the molded holes in tray organizers match specific socket dimensions, so if you are thinking about a menu organizer, then make sure it fits the socket dimensions you’ve got.

While most tray layouts aren’t expandable, most railroad organizers permit you to subtract or add clips to fit your requirements. Capacity varies depending on the motorist sizer, but every railing can normally handle about 15 to 20 clips.


The substance determines durability. Quality railing organizers created from aluminum with heavy-duty plastic clips won’t crack or break. The clips must consist of spring-loaded ball bearings that can hold each socket securely.

A durable tray organizer should be drawn up from heavy-duty plastic using a rubberized base that will not scratch the metal. Some trays have been strengthened with metal backing for greater durability. Tray organizers using molded holes for outlet storage must consist of magnetic components that maintain the sockets from falling out and permit the tray to be attached to a metal instrument cabinet.

Socket Sizes

Most will hold approximately 251/4-inch drive sockets, approximately 25⅜-inch drive sockets, and approximately 151/2-inch-drive outlets. Producers will often sell storage units separately by drive dimensions or as complete collections with all three drive sizes. Manufacturers occasionally sell metric and SAE organizers individually.

Bear in mind, tray-style socket organizers are designed to maintain specific socket dimensions, so ensure that your socket set disagrees with the tray organizer you consider before buying.


Easily the most bothersome part of working outlets is locating the ideal size socket if you require it. While organizers help alleviate this matter, you still might end up squinting because you scan through your ideal rows of sockets, searching for the elusive 11mm size.

Many organizers simplify the procedure by copying each socket place using easy-to-read size tags. As from the molded menu number, others are pre-printed–you fit with your sockets to the ideal size. Although this is suitable, your pair of sockets might not totally match the emptiness, leaving several sockets displaced.

Some organizers include stickers that allow you to tag the organizer yourself. Even though the decals will not deal with the wear and tear preprinted mark, this strategy allows you to tailor the organizer into your set socket dimensions.


Most of us have our tastes in regards to the organization. Most socket producers understand this, so they have made their merchandise highly customizable. By way of instance, many socket organizers are available in various colors, letting you coordinate with your own workshop or color-code your collections. Beyond color, railing socket organizers offer you the very best customization, letting you rearrange the clips even have clips on either side of the railing. This attribute enables you to alter the sequence of dimensions to satisfy your tastes or add or eliminate clips.


On account of their design, railroad socket organizers offer you excellent reliability. They comprise clips that securely hold each socket through transportation, and besides, they fit neatly into many toolboxes. Tray-style socket organizers are not as travel-worthy, as rather than being held using a clip, sockets remainder in pre-molded trays. When many trays have been magnetized to hold sockets set up, the link is not powerful enough to stop them from bouncing outside through a driveway into a worksite. And generally speaking, tray organizers absent the carrying grips featured on many railroad organizers, which makes them awkward to transfer.

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