When I was a little girl I dreamed about my wedding day. I played “Wedding” with my neighborhood friends, who are now married or soon to be married themselves, and looking back at the pictures makes me giggle. We were such young and naive little girls. Clueless about life and especially clueless about love and marriage. But one thing that we weren’t clueless on was that the bride and groom saw each other for the first time on their wedding day as the bride walked down the aisle. That’s what our parents taught us and that’s what we saw in the movies. So, I never gave it a second thought that it would be different by the time I was ready to tie the knot.

Everyone nowadays is catching on to the “First-Look” bandwagon. It’s such a popular sentiment now. It’s all over the web, facebook, magazines, bridal apps, photography blogs etc. Huffintgon post even wrote an article telling you 75 reasons why you should have a first look. I get it. First looks are popular and that a LOT of brides and grooms are opting to do them. But, not every bride is comfortable with this idea.

“You aren’t going to do that, ‘First Look Thing’ are you?” someone asked me the other day. My answer was a proud, No.

My fiance and I have opted not to do a first look. I know what some of you may be thinking, “But Ginny, we did a first look and it was one of the most special moments of our wedding day. Our pictures are so beautiful and it was a time that we were able to have together, just the two of us. An intimate moment.” I understand that. Truly, I do. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. I just can’t. And nothing is going to sway my decision. Not to mention my fiance is almost more adamant about not doing a first look than me.

TRADITION VS TREND: THE FIRST LOOKMy blog friend, Lauren at  SLP Sooner or Later writes about her decision not to do a first look either. You can find her blog post here.  It feels good to know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to just do what everyone else is doing, but at times it feels like I am.

I don’t really consider myself a traditionalist and I’m definitely not always trendy, but in this sense I am a traditionalist. These are personal reasons but I think a lot of it just goes back to the thoughts I had when I was a little girl….of seeing my groom for the first time as I walk down the aisle. Having the connectedness and flood of emotions together, in front of our family and friends who are there supporting our union. Not in a beautiful secluded field or natural wooded area, and DEFINITELY not him walking up behind me first.

While searching for photographers for my wedding, I view a lot of first look pictures. They are some of my favorite pictures to look at actually because each picture tells a story about the bride and the groom and gives a great preview of the wedding day. So, I am not harping on the idea. I just want you lovely readers to be YOU! 🙂TRADITION VS TREND: THE FIRST LOOK

I believe that weddings should represent who you are as a couple. It is important for you as a bride and groom to stay true to yourself and what your heart tells you is right, even when the media and wedding industry are doing things differently.

Did you have a first look? Do you think you will have a first look at your wedding? I would love to hear about your experience! 🙂


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