Yes, hello there coffee! I’m getting some right as we speak. 🙂

Life lately has been very busy and very rewarding at the same time.  I will fill you in on all of the exciting news later.

Some of my old readers told me a while back that they miss my heartfelt posts.  The ones where I am just open and honest with my feelings and thoughts.  So, today I’m doing just that- speaking from the heart and giving you a little bit of what has been on my mind as of late.

As you know, I turned 30 years old this past December.  Still missing my 20’s (A LOT) but embracing this new decade.  You could say that my biological clock is ticking but honestly, I don’t hear anything.

The other day a mom friend told me that I need to have kids before I’m 35 because after 35 your baby is more at risk for down syndrome and a number of other health issues.  She suggested I start trying at 33 or 34.  Okay fair enough.  That’s about the timeline Matthew and I have discussed in terms of when we want to start a family…3-4 years from now.  We have a number of trips and life plans lined up in the next few years (so excited!) so a baby right now is not going to happen.

But see, I don’t even know if I will be ready for a baby by then either.  I still feel 21 at heart.  In all honesty, the lifestyle change is something that I dread.  I really look forward to the pregnancy, the birth, the love, the connection, the bond, and all the craziness in between.  I know I will rock as a mom.  But the lifestyle change is something I will probably have the hardest time adjusting to because I have had my entire 20’s and early 30’s to do as I please.  You know, freedom? And lots of it!  It has been so awesome and I am so happy with how my life has turned out.

Every mom tells me, “Ginny, you are never ever ready…even if you wait, plan, and have money in the bank, etc.”  I believe that.  But I think it is just harder when you get older (30+) and reach a certain stage in your life.  You become more content with yourself and the world around you.  You get accustomed to your “everyday routine” …for me that would be work, running, coffee shop dates, random trips to the mall, going out to take pictures with Matthew, cooking, and lots of lazy movie days.  Freedom is invaluable.  Change is difficult.  For me at least.   Right now, my life is very simple and very easy.  It’s so wonderful.

I met a married couple last summer who had just had their first biological child.  They were in their early 40’s.  Super for them but they looked as if they were STILL in shock and the baby was already 8 months old.  They told me that the lifestyle change had been extremely difficult for them especially because they were both busy career professionals.

I really don’t know how you moms and dads had kids in your 20’s.  Planned or unplanned, kudos to you all!

There is no doubt that I will embrace motherhood to its fullest but it’s still years away for me so in that regard, I will soak up the sun and enjoy these “just me and matt” years because they really are special.

Just thought I would share something personal that has been on my mind lately.  Did you ever dread the lifestyle change that comes with having a new baby?  Were you in your 30’s when you had your first child?

Have a happy Thursday and Go UNC!


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